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Visit the site using the link below to find some great, well-priced merchandise you can order to proudly showcase the ManbetX万博 brand!


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Here you will find a number of hand-picked, high-quality apparel and merchandise items that you can order with the official ManbetX万博 logo. Through our relationship with Hanover Uniform Company, employees, partners, and vendors can now order single items for personal and professional use or bulk quantities for special events. Lighter-colored items can be professionally imprinted with the full-color ManbetX万博 logo, while darker-colored items can be imprinted with a white or monochrome version of the logo. All orders can be processed using PayPal or a major credit card (note, if you are purchasing anything using a company credit card, be sure you have obtained the proper approval from your manager ahead of time).

For questions regarding the website, products, or specific orders, please contact jmintz@hanoveruniform.com or 1-.

For special merchandise requests, 商标许可, or marketing-related questions, please email marketing@ktsaa.net.